EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Automatic inspection system for forged parts

    With the IM-3100, Screen has developed a high-performance automated visual inspection tool that accurately detects micro-defects in forged parts with a cycle time of 5 seconds. According to the company, the system enhances the conventional image acquisition process and achieves a dramatic improvement in forging testing.

    06 Sep. 2017
    Micro-defects in forged parts can be detected with a very fast cycle time of 5 seconds with the IM-3100 system.

    The Japanese developers report that they have managed to merge core technologies from image processing and optical inspection in the instrument to manage the quality, process and cost within one single tool. Using the precise comparison algorithm and the optical capturing system MAMS (Multi Angle Multi Shot), parts are inspected with a multi-angled image procedure to eliminate any false detection. MAMS is the method used to find defects by multiple illumination and multiple cameras. The configuration of the tool to process image capturing and inspection in parallel for both the front and back sides has reportedly allowed the system to achieve its fast cycle time. All data are stored and analyzed to provide feedback for further improvement and to create quality reports. The system is said to be CE- and UL-compliant. It is claimed to solve the specific problems of appearance on forged parts that cannot be coped with or supported by commercial cameras and software. This includes instances when defects are buried in shot blast marks and the form comparison cannot be made due to a large tolerance. As is explained, more than 200 images are captured by 34 sets of cameras and lights with the solution. Depth information is acquired by a high-speed 2D camera. As the exhibitors point out in summary, the system effectively realizes zero overlook and achieves a reduction of pseudo-defects.

    Contact: Inoue Takuya, SCREEN Holdings Co. Ltd.
    Tel. +81 75 931-7824
    E-mail: tak.inoue@screen.co.jp
    Website: www.screen.co.jp

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