EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Future of Machine Tool Manufacturing

    All-rounder for demanding cutting tasks

    According to Kiheung Machinery, their new Combi-T series of CNC machining centers feature the dynamics and precision of a machining center and the high table loads of a bed-type milling machine.

    26 Jun. 2017
    Kiheung will be presenting a further development of the Combi-T series of CNC machining centers at the EMO.Hannover 2017.

    At the same time, the machine is said to be as universal as a bed-type milling machine due to its swivel milling head in two levels. The column moves in the Y direction, which is seen as ideal for horizontal work with a swivel head. The table has dimensions of 2,000x800 mm or 2,700x800 mm and is equipped with six T-slots of 20 mm in width and a distance between the T-slots of 125 mm. Further specifications include a maximum permissible load of 8,000 kg and longitudinal, cross and vertical travels of 1,800/2,500 mm, 1,100/1,400 mm and 1,200/1,400 mm respectively. The feed rates along X, Y and Z are given as 10,000 mm/min with rapid feeds of 25,000 mm/min. The ISO 50 spindle taper with a speed of 5,000 rpm delivers high cutting performance. The manufacturers also point to the 28/42 KW spindle drive motor, feed drive motors in X, Y and Z of 28 Nm, 38 Nm and 28 Nm, the 0.5 kW coolant motor, and the 0.09 kW lubrication pump motor. The machine has a floor space of 7,368x5,430x3,745 mm and weighs 15 metric tons.

    Contact: Seong-min Choi, KIHEUNG Machinery
    Tel. +82 42 629-5535
    E-mail: smchoi@kiheung.com
    Website: www.kiheung.com

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