EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
    Industry 4.0

    3D measurement sensors as a key to manufacturing small batches

    Alicona will be showcasing its new Cobot system at EMO Hannover 2017 and is once again combining collaborative robots with high-resolution optical 3D measurement sensors.

    23 Aug. 2017
    The Alicona Cobot systems combine collaborative six-axis robots with high-resolution optical 3D sensors.

    Alicona, a specialist for high-resolution optical 3D measurement systems, will be demonstrating the new Compact-Cobot. According to the exhibitors, their collaborative system is a universal solution applicable in all industries to verify surface state and dimensional accuracy, even in the case of large components. The Cobot range combines collaborative robots and robust optical 3D measurement sensors and yields traceable and repeatable measurements in high resolution. Handling, programming and measurement execution is said to require no prior metrology knowledge. As is explained, using connected automation software, any series of measurements can be defined at several positions by an administrator, which the operator then starts with the press of a button. Control and measurement are fully automated, and on completion, the worker then receives a measurement report with OK or Not-OK details. In addition, an optional CAD-CAM connection allows the definition of measurement points or measurement directions directly in the corresponding CAD file of the component, the digital twin of the respective workpiece. A simulation provides a preview of the measurement process to be carried out, which serves to support a reliable measurement planning. The developers add that the virtual operation of the measurement system comprises the entire handling, ranging from the positioning of a component through to the determination of the measurement area in 3D.

    Contact: Astrid Krenn, Alicona Imaging GmbH
    Tel. +43 316 403010-700
    E-mail: metrology@alicona.com
    Website: www.alicona.com
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