EMO Hannover 2019, 16. bis 21. September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16. bis 21. September
    Fertigungs- und Prozessautomatisierung

    Hohe Präzision am Werkstück

    Für die neue Drahterodiermaschine UP6 verspricht Makino sehr hohe Präzision am Werkstück. Die Maschine soll mit einem neuen Drahtvorschub- und einem neu entwickelten Einfädelsystem überzeugen.

    Vorderansicht der Makino Drahterodiermaschine UP6. (Foto: Makino)

    As the manufacturers report, thanks to a hollow casting, parts of the new UP6 are flushed through with dielectric water at a constant temperature to prevent the machine suffering from heat displacement. The arm seal plate is cleaned constantly by a water curtain in order to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation of the X-axis. Moreover, the extra-long high-precision roller slides reduce motion vibrations and improve rigidity and the ball screws are fully covered to prevent dirt ingress and extend their lifespan. The EDM system reportedly ensures smooth and stable machining through a newly developed wire drive system with better corner accuracy and even more reliable wire threading in complicated shapes and small start holes. In addition, a new automatic wire threading system was developed to enhance threading capabilities that works both dry and with water jet.

    Contact: Andreas Walbert, Makino Europe GmbH
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    E-mail: a.walbert@makino.eu
    Website: www.makino.eu

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