EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Honing Ring - PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing Ring


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    Logo Honing Ring - PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing Ring
    Logo Honing Ring - PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing Ring
    Logo Honing Ring - PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing Ring

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    Hall 17, Stand C46
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    The original among PRÄWEMA gear honing tools results from combining the manufacturing experience gathered with over 10 million parts produced every year by DVS Technology, the Group‘s own series producer, with the close interaction with the design departments of PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik and Naxos Diskus. Its extraordinary damping behaviour, enhanced tooth stability and a convincingly long tool life are proof of the outstanding efficiency of the PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing tool. Be it non-geared or with previously cut gears, DVS TOOLING tailors every honing tool to the needs of every user-specific process.

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    Turning and grinding machine for hard-fine machining processes - DVS U

    DVS UGrind – Unbelievably convincing. - Flexible multifunction turret for high precision hard turning, grinding and measuring applications - Ideal for small to medium sized batches of shafts and chucking components with a centre width of up to 1,800 mm (70.8″) and a centre height of 350 mm (13.7″) - ...read more

    Training and process layout - worldwide. - DVS TOOLING Technology Supp

    One of the core objectives of gearbox manufacturers is to maintain and optimise the quality of their machining processes while ensuring highest productivity of their machines. To help them achieve this aim, the experts of DVS TOOLING put all the technical skills and knowledge of PRÄWEMA's design departments ...read more

    Gear complete machining center - PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver

    Through a combined use of the technologies deburring, tapering, backing as well as the high efficient gear cutting method Power Skiving in one machine, the new PRÄWEMA SynchroSkiver offers users new dimensions for cycle times. Two newly developed 5-axis milling towers and an optimised gear cutting module ...read more

    Dressing gear wheel with defined blade - DVS TOOLING VarioSpeedDresser

    „VarioSpeedDressing® by PRÄWEMA“ is a synonym for low tooling costs and increased flexibility of the gear honing of gearbox parts. Its machine software enables changes to the gearing‘s micro-geometry without having to change the dressing tool. DVS TOOLING‘s extremely flexible „VarioSpeedDresser®“ adds ...read more

    Honing Ring - PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL Honing Ring

    The original among PRÄWEMA gear honing tools results from combining the manufacturing experience gathered with over 10 million parts produced every year by DVS Technology, the Group‘s own series producer, with the close interaction with the design departments of PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik and Naxos Diskus. ...read more

    Milling Spindles - WMZ Milling Spindles

    WMZ Milling spindles are increasing the overall performance and efficiency of modern milling processing machines through performance characteristics, dimensions and quality. Profit from our development, processing, inspection and service competence. read more

    Grinding Spindles - WMZ Grinding Spindles

    WMZ grinding spindles are being used by successful grinding machine suppliers for many years. They are used for various grinding technologies and distinguished by robustness and precision. The optional balancing system ensures high accuracy and minimum wearing of the grinding wheels.read more

    Turning Spindles - WMZ Turning Spindles

    The efficient, modular – built WMZ turning spindles offer a substantial contribution in regards for solutions to your lathe demands. If used as slide-in spindle or with an individual optimized housing, these turning spindles fullfill their specified performance demands. read more

    Modular Complete Machining Centre - DVS ModuLine

    The ModuLine component rings in a new age of production planning. Due to the high configurability of this innovative concept, it is now possible to define the optimum solution for every production process, a concept which is variable and configurable to the maximum degree, and therefore absolutely reliable ...read more

    Service - WMZ MOTORSPINDELN On-site Spindle Inspection

    Machine downtimes cost time and money. You can prevent this –with our on-site spindle inspection. Our technicians use special measuring processes to inspect your spindles for signs of wear. If they find anything, you receive a precise fault analysis with a list of the measures to be taken and a cost ...read more

    Service - WMS Service & Maintenance

    Internal studies have shown that regular servicing and maintenance work is a sensible mid- and long-term investment. If this work is done carelessly or not all, it usually results in significantly higher follow-on costs caused by quality problems and unplanned machine downtimes, for example. We schedule ...read more

    Service - WMS Service Hotline

    Our service hotline for fast technical assistance in the event of a problem is occupied 365 days a year, and in line with our "one face to the customer policy is always the right contact for you, whether your concern is coordination of operations or spare parts orders! Our hotline team coordinates your ...read more

    Service - WMS Insection and Readjustment of Tool Machines

    As the performance requirements on your tool machine increase, it makes sense to have annual inspection and readjustment work done on it. We at WMS offer you one-stop shopping fot the complete service. State-of-the-art and high-precision measuring instruments are used. read more

    Abrasive Blasting Agents - NAXOS-DISKUS Loose Abrasive Media

    Our regular and special fused aluminium oxides which are especially designed for surface treatment are suitable for the use in bonded abrasive bodies as well as for the abrasive blasting of workpieces. Due to their high purity and abrasion resistance, excellent surfaces are obtained by the abrasive blasting ...read more

    - NAXOS-DISKUS Nurit Roller

    Nurit rollers or also yarn guide pulleys are an indispensable aid for the textile industry. The thread which is partially immersed into coolant is optimally moistened and guided, even at high peripheral speeds. Excellent, heat-absorbing properties and extremely precise workmanship support the faultless ...read more

    Milling Disks - NAXOS-DISKUS Milling Disks

    In the food sector, we can also score with quality. Our milling disks are very popular for the use in different applications. Not only the long service life, but also the dimensions of our products and our precisemanufacture create a large benefit for our customers all along the line. It goes without ...read more

    Polishing tool - NAXOS-DISKUS Polishing Rolls

    We manufacture our polishing rolls for the treatment of leather and leather-like materials. Our polishing rolls are also very well suited for the shaping of such materials. Even unusual sizes can be handled by our company without any problems. An optional metal core provides our polishing rolls with ...read more

    Grinding Segments - NAXOS-DISKUS Lateral Surface Grinding Segments

    NAXOS-DISKUS manufactures grinding segments for most different applications worldwide. The advantage of the grinding segments is their easy installation in the grinding machine. Moreover, they are very well suited for rough machining while ensuring best possible dimensional accuracy and surface quality. ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS Conventional Lateral Grinding Wheels

    In the area of conventional face grinding, we act as original equipment supplier for the famous double-sided lateral surface grinding machines of DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik. Due to this long-term cooperation, we can manufacture grinding wheels for every appropriate application. The field of application ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS CBN & Diamond Lateral Surface Grinding

    NAXOS DISKUS can look back on many years of experience in the manufacture of CBN and diamond surface grinding wheels. Our grinding wheels are used in the most different areas of metal machining and ceramics processing, e.g. for the grinding of piston rings. The advantages of these grinding wheels are ...read more

    Grinding Segments - NAXOS-DISKUS Cylindrical Grinding Segments

    The grinding segments manufactured by our company are available in all imaginable shapes and sizes, and with all bondings and grain types you can think of. One main field of application of grinding segments is the use on a grinding wheel. The grinding segments can be manufactured with a base body (foot) ...read more

    Grinding Pins - NAXOS-DISKUS Grinding Pins

    Our grinding pencils are used for internal cylindrical grinding. This type of grinding medium can be manufactured from conventional abrasives or in the form of a CBN grinding pencil. With CBN grinding pencils, a longer service life of the grinding tool can be achieved. Our grinding pencils prove their ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS Gear Grinding Wheels

    Gear grinding wheels are used for grinding toothed wheels and tooth flanks. With regard to their specification and their profile, our gear grinding wheels are designed to precisely meet the requirements of the workpiece to be ground. If desired, we can provide the gear grinding wheels with a finished ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS Centerless Grinding Wheels

    In this special application, one distinguishes between throughfeed grinding and plunge-cut grinding. Depending on the application, one can either select a single-part or a multi-part version which ensuresa better handling during the grinding wheel exchange, depending on the circumstances. It is precisely ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS XXL External Circular Grinding Wheels

    One of our numerous special fields of work is the manufacture of grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 1600 mm. Large crankshafts which are incorporated in marine engines are for example ground with these grinding wheels. These enormous dimensions require a high degree of specialization during the ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

    Vitrified bonds are usually used for this special type of grinding wheels. Depending on the grinding operation, the grinding wheel for bearing seats can be composed of one single layer or of three layers, in case the shoulders and the bearing seat are to be ground in one passage. We are able to manufacture ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS Conventional External Cylindrical Grind

    Our conventional grinding wheels are manufactured according to customer request and application, and grinding wheels of all grain types are produced. The abrasive grain materials vary from corundum types to silicon carbide and up to microcrystalline sintered corundum, because every different grain type ...read more

    Grinding wheels - NAXOS-DISKUS CBN & Diamond Grinding Wheels

    Diamond and CBN are superior to all other materials as far as cutting edge consistency and wearresistance are concerned. Our CBN and diamond grinding wheels are produced for performing highest precision grinding operations with exceptionally good reproducibility. Specially coated CBN abrasive and the ...read more

    Turning Center - WMZ H 200

    The series H 200 stands for the reduction of production time in machining of small work pieces and huge volumes. With max.4 tools in simultaneous machining primary and secondary times can be reduced. With the integrated loading and unloading units the secondary times can be reduced once more so that ...read more

    Turning Center - WMZ I 500

    The CNC center drive machine type I 500 can be equipped with up to 6 cross slides and an integrated loading and unloading system and assures a highly productive machining of work pieces with lengths up to 2.200 mm. With the optional use of a Y-axis inthe turret additionally machining like e.g. milling ...read more

    Turning Center - WMZ V 300

    With two center-drive-heads for simultaneous end machining of shafts with a length up to max. 1.600 mm or with chuck construction for 4-axis turning. The product range V 300 is multifunctional and convenience through short loading and unloading times as well as simultaneous machining with two turrets. ...read more

    Turning Center - WMZ I 700

    With the I 700 series WMZ completes its product program. With a max. machining lengths of 4.500 mm and the employment of up to 22 NC-axis for operation with up to two center-drive-heads, two turrets with driven tools and Y-axis, two tailstocks and two steady rests, long work pieces can be machined without ...read more

    Double face grinding machine - DISKUS DSR 2-600 / 1800 XOZ

    A side face grinding machine with two vertically installed grinding spindles. These build in motor grinding spindles have variable r.p.m. and are mounted onto two cross slides. Each of them can move individually in vertical and horizontal direction. With help of the 600 mm diameter grinding wheels and ...read more

    Double face grinding machine - DISKUS DDW 1060-1600

    The new type of machine DDW 1060-1600 is an high-precision grinding machine. Its double face grinding operation allows for n economical production of plane parallel surfaces. This process creates high parallelism tolerances, flatness and surface quality.read more

    Double face grinding machine - DISKUS DDS-XR

    In DDS - XR series machine, a transfer disc moves the workpieces through the grinding zone. This method allows the coplanar grinding of workpieces of very different shapes. Depending on the machine confi guration, four different grinding methods are available. This makes the DDS - ...read more

    Double face grinding machine - DISKUS DDS-L

    DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik‘s double face grinding machines are noted for their tremendously fast cycle rates and, thus, their high capacity. In order to optimally utilise this potential, all DISKUS automation solutions are tailored to specific process needs and customer requirements. The DDS-L automation ...read more

    Complete machining center - PITTLER PV315

    The PITTLER PV315 is the latest addition to the PV³ machine series for complete machining. Workpieces up to 315 mm are turned, drilled, milled and – uniquely in the field of complete machining – geared inside and out using the Power Skiving method in highly efficient processes.read more

    Complete machining center - PITTLER PV³

    The innovative solution for complete machining of rotationally symmetrical and cubic parts, based on proven designs. The modular concept allows the machine to be produced with 1 or 2 independent spindles and with one or two cross slides. The PV³ combines technologies such as turning, drilling, thread ...read more

    Vertical Pick Up Lathe - PITTLER PV SL 2 & PV SL 3

    In the diameter range from 100 – 630 mm customers frequently have additional requirements - such as high unfinished part allowances for machining - high degree of complexity of parts - high part weights. The PV SL 2 / PV SL 3 machine platforms take such requirement profiles into consideration. The sturdy, ...read more

    Precision lathe - PITTLER PV SL N1

    Small – flexible – precise in the diameter range from 50 to 250 mm, maximum precision in spite of high speed. The module system for reducing unit costs. The modular N1 product platform unites applications from different machining technologies. The benefit for users goes beyond significantly reducing ...read more

    Internal gear honing machine - PRÄWEMA Synchrofine IH

    The SynchroFine® IH was developed by PRÄWEMA especially for hard machining of internal teeth. The machine has a vertical design and is distinguished by its high rigidity, thermal stability and accuracy. Special features include the natural granite machine bed, linear drives on the feed axes and an extremely ...read more

    High performance gear honing machine - PRÄWEMA Synchrofine 205 HS (W)

    In terms of the static and dynamic characteristics, the honing process places higher requirements on machine construction than any other machining process. For this reason superfluous axes were already eliminated on the predecessor model. The “SynchroFine® 205 HS” represents a consistent advancement ...read more

    Gear hobbing machine - PRÄWEMA Synchroform (V)

    As a specialist for machining synchromesh parts, Präwema offers highly efficient and economical solutions. The machines from Präwema allow nearly complete machining of synchromesh parts as well as other transmission components. The SynchroForm® is distinguished by its logical and thoroughly thought-through ...read more

    Gear complete machining center - PRÄWEMA HardFinisher®

    With the HardFinisher® Präwema presents a two-spindle machine system capable of performing all hard, precision machining work on parts with internal or external teeth. Our HardFinisher® combines the processes for production of hardened gears on production lines, previously requiring a number of machines ...read more

    Gear grinder - PRÄWEMA SynchroFine® XL

    The PRÄWEMA SynchroFine® XL gear grinding machine is laid out for profile grinding on internal and external gears, on disc and shaft-shaped parts. The machine is laid out in three versions and is suitable for generating gears for components up to Module 32 with an outer diameter of 2,200 mm. Naturally ...read more

    Gear complete machining center - PRÄWEMA GREEN FINISHER

    The PRÄWEMA GreenFinisher® combines the machining processes of turning, gear hobbing and deburring, and, where required, milling or drilling, in one machine. This makes it possible to realize all production stages from casting to hardening in the GreenFinisher®.read more

    Thread Grinding Machine - BUDERUS CNC 635 G

    CNC 635 G Male thread grinding machine In addition to metric, Whitworth, trapezoidal threads and special profiles, the CNC 635 G also allows grinding of worm gears with shapes ZK, ZN, ZE and ZA with one or multiple starts. The cylinder correction can be programmed with the control. The pitch can also ...read more

    - BUDERUS CNC 335 G

    CNC 335 G Female thread grinding machine The natural granite machine bed on the CNC 335 G female thread grinding machine guarantees high precision. Moreover, the CNC controlled radius dresser with diamond roller ensures maximum accuracy. It is possible to machine metric female threads as well as Whitworth, ...read more

    External Grinding Center - BUDERUS CNC 635

    CNC 635 external grinding center The CNC 635 external grinding center is available in two size versions. One version is designed for workpieces with a grinding length of up to 500 mm and the other for workpieces with grinding lengths up to 1000 mm. The machine is suitable for straight plunge cut and ...read more

    Hard Machining Center - BUDERUS CNC 335

    CNC 335 Hard machining center The CNC 335 horizontal hard machining center allows turning and grinding processes in one machine. This optimizes machining costs while ensuring the required workpiece accuracy. These machines are suitable for every type of application, from manually controlled machines ...read more

    Hard Machining Center - BUDERUS CNC 245 H

    CNC 245 H Hard machining center The CNC 245 H hard machining center with horizontal workpiece spindle can be used for internal as well as external grinding. Moreover, these processes can be combined with one another as well as supplemented with other technologies such as hard turning or hard reaming. ...read more

    Hard Machining Center - BUDERUS CNC 245

    CNC 245 Hard machining center The CNC 245 vertical hard machining center with vertical workpiece spindle can be used as a single purpose machine for internal grinding, external grinding and hard turning. Moreover, these processes can be combined with one another as well as supplemented with other technologies. ...read more

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