EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Flexible manufacturing cells for prismatic part - FEHLMANN VERSA® 825

    Logo Flexible manufacturing cells for prismatic part - FEHLMANN VERSA®  825
    Logo Flexible manufacturing cells for prismatic part - FEHLMANN VERSA®  825

    Product description

    High-performance in 5-axis machining

    As a further addition to the time-tested range of machines from FEHLMANN, the VERSA 825 has been developed from the ground up for the 5-axis machining of larger work pieces. Among the outstanding features of the VERSA 825 are the extremely sturdy portal design, the integrated tilting rotary table along the X axis and the optimum operating ergonomics.

    Field of application
    The VERSA 825 is designed for high-precision 5-side or 5-axis machining in the production of tools and moulds, as well as in the production of precision parts for use in mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, defence and medical applications, etc.

    Machine concept and design for maximum precision
    The portal design of the machine, including the guide and drive systems, is ideal for handling the modern high-performance machining processes that users expect today.
    Precision linear guides with direct travel measurement systems in all axes, broadly supported guide blocks and ball screws guarantee high axis feed rates and acceleration for practical, extremely precise HSC machining. The FEM-optimised structure of the machine with 3-point support is made of grey cast iron. The mounting surfaces of the machine’s structural components are shaved to create the best possible geometries. Other advantages of this choice of material are optimum damping properties and homogenous thermal conductivity, which in turn ensures that the operating temperature is quickly reached, combined with consistent 24-hour accuracy, highest geometrical precision and great rigidity.

    5-axis machining
    The VERSA 825 was developed right from the start as a 5-axis machine designed to meet the most demanding requirements. The tilting rotary table is integrated longitudinally into the machine concept, thus allowing tilt operation that is wholly unaffected by the linear axes (any kinetic coupling is excluded). The table has dynamic torque drives, mechanical clamps and direct travel measurement systems on both axes. Outstanding characteristics of the 5-axis simultaneous processing capability are the high dynamics and the very large tilt range of 230° (+/- 115°). The highly rigid tilting rotary table with 3 carriages per guide rail is able to take loads of up to 350 kg, and can handle parts with pallet sizes of up to 400x400mm resp. diameters up to 560 mm. This machining centre can be standard equipped with zero point clamping systems from various manufacturers (EROWA, 3R, Schunk, etc.).

    Patent-registered operating concept and automation
    Maximum attention has been paid to the operating ergonomics so as to ensure that the machine offers equally good accessibility whether loaded manually or automatically by robot. Thus, for example, the sliding doors to the work space, the CNC control console with Heidenhain TNC 640, and also the tool changer loading are in the immediate vicinity of the machine operator.
    To ensure optimum cleaning and long-term maintenance of value, the work space is lined with stainless steel.

    Engineering and precision
    The heart of the VERSA 825 is the FEHLMANN HSC motor spindle. Whether with HSK-A63 and 14’000, 18’000 or 24’000 rpm or with HSK-E50 and 30’000 rpm – all spindle types grant low-vibration and precise concentricity for best surfaces and maximum tool life.
    In the standard version, the tool changer with chain magazine offers room for 44 tools up to Ø 130mm max.
    An extension magazine with up to 346 pockets is optionally available.
    Chip removal is designed for both dry (minimal-volume lubrication) and wet machining operation (cooling lubricant / oil). Removal of the chips and coolant is via two spiral conveyor units installed to the left and right of the table.
    Careful attention has been paid to creating a thermo-symmetric machine structure as well as other specific measures for additionally enhancing precision, including thermo-compensation and positional correction of the main spindle through the use of direct measuring systems. Thus, the heat-producing components are actively cooled, and the lining of the interior space (also with stainless steel) prevents direct transmission of the heat from the chips and cooling water to the machine structure.

    VERSA 823, the 3-axis version
    Instead of the integrated tilting rotary table, the 3-axis version has a large table clamping area of 1200 by 750 mm and large travel distances of 820 mm for X, 700 mm for Y, and 450 mm for Z.
    This allows precision mechanical engineering components and dies weighing up to 1000 kg to be machined. Guide drillings of the highest precision of the kind required in tool making can be produced with drilling & milling cycles. Large 3D shapes can be milled with highest precision even out of hardened tool steels. Crane loading is done by simply opening the operator doors. A pallet changer can be easily factory fitted or retrofitted at a later date.

    FEHLMANN rack magazine for VERSA 825 / VERSA 823
    Number of tools depends on tool dimension, capacity 186, 218, 250 or 346 tools, scalable. The operator is able to inspect the tools from the outside at any time. The tools are positioned in a transfer station with double gripper, which loads the tool in or unloads it from the spindle. The transfer unit grants tool transportation to primary processing time. Tool Management as well as drive axes and sensor system are integrated into the Heidenhain control unit.

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