EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Centre, tailstock for lathes - Live centres

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    Hall 3, Stand B72
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    Perfect partner for production: The live centres from Röhm

    The clamping technology specialist Röhm presents its live centres, which simplify everyday life in production with the multitude of product benefits. They help as a perfect partner when dealing with counter-clamping of workpieces on turning and grinding machines.

    Röhm has manufactured live centres since the 1950’s and perfected them over the past decades. “Our live centres provide the highest level of maturity – and that can be noticed in everyday use. Users confirm that to us time and time again,” says Fabian Neumaier, the responsible product manager. Water spray grooves and bearing seats with tight tolerances ensure an extremely long service life. Less space required with constant radial and axial loading is promised by the narrow design of the housing.

    Naturally, thought is given at Röhm to long-term customer satisfaction. Through innovative lubrication, the heat build-up of the bearing is far lower. Test bench tests confirm this. Thanks to the improved lubrication effect, the operating time of the roller bearings is increased. The centres are supported 3x and ensure high concentricity and stability.

    The maximum concentricity deviation of 0.005 mm ensures the highest precision. The precision design even provides a concentricity deviation of 0.003 mm. The carbide insert ensures the longest service life and wear resistance. The body is hardened and polished, which is typical of Röhm.

    The live centres with an offset centre are a highlight. They are particularly well suited for machining lower lying centres or workpieces with an interference contour, and provide more space in the machining area of the machine.

    The running point can be reground any number of times. The live centres are also suitable for high speeds, powerful, extremely durable and very long-lasting. And they also score top marks when it comes to machining precision – live centres – made by Röhm.

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