EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September
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    Boring tool - Core drills with 3 flutes

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    Hall 4, Stand B73
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    Core drills with 3 flutes and straight shank made of HSS.

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    Drill - Twist Drills

    HSS Twist Drills, HSS-CO Drills, HSS-CO 8 Twist Drills, HSS Microdrills up Ø 0.05 mm - Ø 1.45 mm, Solid Carbide Microdrills von Ø 0.10 mm - Ø3.0 mm, HSS Twist Drills for deep hole drilling 40 / 60 u. 70 x D, HSS und Solid Carbide Center Drills, Solid Carbide and Carbide Tipped Twist Drills, Ps. Product ...read more

    Reamer - Machine reamers

    Machine reamers made of HSS / HSS-CO and solid carbide with cylindrical shaft and morse taper shank. For use in through holes and blind holes in tolerance H7. HSS-CO machine reamers according to DIN 212 B / D and solid carbide reamers similar to DIN 8093 in 1/100 step for special hole sizes e.g. Ø 5 ...read more

    Taps - Taps

    HSS-CO / HSS-CO PM Machine Taps HSS-CO / HSS-CO PM Cold Forming Taps for thread types: M Metric coarse MF Metric fine UNC Unified coarse UNF Unified fine BSW Whitworth BSW BSP / G ( R ) Gas thread NPT National Pipe Taper Thread ANSI B 1.20.1 ( with dryseal ) NPTF Dryseal ...read more

    Taps - High Performance Taps

    High Performance Taps for machining steel / rust. acid- and heat-resistant steel / cast iron and aluminum in through and blind holes. • Tool material: HSS-Co / M35 (S 6-5-2-5). The toughness of this cutting material allows very good Services. HSS-CO-PM (powder high-speed steel) for higher toughness ...read more

    Drill - DHMTR indexable insert drills

    A combination of solid carbide inserts and steel body. Drills with solid carbide inserts and a HSS pilot drill, This guarantees that excellent linearity of bore. DHMTR indexable insert drills for drilling up to 10 x Ø DHMTR series covers a diameter range of 45 to 130 mm. Applications: steel, stainless ...read more

    Drill - Record VA - VA i

    Record VA and VAi solid carbide drills are specifically engineered to drill stainless steel and high temperature alloys and ensure high performances longer tool life even in conventional steel materials and titanium alloys.read more

    Drill - High Performance Drills

    Twist drill solid carbide and HSS-CO with coatings for high cutting speed and long service life.read more

    Tap - Multi GG i

    Multi GG i – the high performance taps for tapping blind and through holes in cast iron. • Cutting material: The tenacity of this material achieves very good results when machining grey cast iron, also when cavities and inclusions are existing. Powder metallurgy for higher toughness and cutting edge ...read more

    Thread milling cutter - EXO Rapid Ni

    The ideal solution for difficult to machine and exotic special alloys. • Dimensions: DIN 371 • Range: M 2 – M 10 • Chamfer: Form B – 3 Threads • Tolerance: 6 HX • Cutting material: HSS-Co/M35 (S 6-5-2-5)read more

    Reamer - Adjustable hand reamers made of HSS

    Adjustable hand reamers made of HSS range of expansion max. 1 % over nominal size.read more

    Tap - Machine taps

    Machine taps with reinforced shank Multi Aero for thread MJ.read more

    Drill - Record HD

    A chip breaking design. Beside the well established TiN coating, TiAlN Futura and TiN coated tips are available. The titan-Aluminium-Nitrid multi layer coating allows dry machining in steel.read more

    Boring tool - Core drills with 3 flutes

    Core drills with 3 flutes and straight shank made of HSS.read more

    Boring tool - Countersinks 60°

    Countersinks 60°, with 3 flutes, made of HSSrelieved, for chatter free operation. • Form C: with straight shank • Form D: with Morse taper shankread more

    - Cold forming taps with reinforced shank

    Cold forming taps with reinforced shank for unified coarse thread UNC - ASME – B 1.1 dimensions generally as per DIN 371. • Ref. 6738 without oil grooves • Ref. 6802 with oil groovesread more

    Drill - Record Evolution VA

    The special helix geometry oft he newly added Record Evolution VA guarantees ideal chip removal with high cutting parameters and the cutting edge design permits top efficiency especially on stainless steel, non and low alloy steel, aluminium, titanium and copper.read more

    Reamer - Maschine chucking reamers with straight shank

    Maschine chucking reamers with straight shank, made of solid carbide • ILIX Norm similar DIN 8093 • with radial cooling for through holes • to produce holes with H7 tolerance • Radial Coolingread more

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