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Ticket Sale

Admission Tickets for EMO Hannover 2013


Tickets and Prices

All prices include VAT.


Advance sale

On site

Day Ticket

32.00 EUR

47.00 EUR

Full-Event Ticket

59.00 EUR

85.00 EUR

Day Ticket reduced admission


12.00 EUR

Terms of Use

Day Ticket reduced admission

Day Ticketsreduced admission are available for pupils, students, seniors and apprentices. They can only be purchased on site against presentation of a valid ID.
By presenting a pass for disabled persons you only have to pay the price for a reduced-rate day ticket. If an escort is needed and is noted in the pass the escort is granted free access.

Admission of children

Admission is free for children up to 6.
Children under 15 years of age may only be admitted when accompanied by an adult serving as legal guardian .

Combi-Ticket (free local transport)

Your admission ticket is also valid for free local transport if you tick off the day of your visit on the back. You may use your ticket to travel on any tram, bus or train (2nd class only) throughout the Greater Hannover (GVH) region.

Leading of dogs

Dogs or other domestic animals are not allowed on the fairgrounds Hannover.




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