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Exhibitor Statements


Jean-Pierre Wilmes, CEO and President, AgieCharmilles, Geneva, Switzerland:

"EMO is a key trade fair for us - for meeting with our customers and for lining up new business. We display solutions for improving work processes. EMO is a permanent fixture in our calendar, and even the initial stage of the event fully met our expecta-tions."

German Wankmiller, Chairman of the Board of Management, Grob-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Mindelheim, Germany:

"EMO is the place where you'll find the highest level of innovation. This is where we can show our newest developments to customers from around the world. Where else can you see so much packed into a single event? The mood in the industry remains upbeat - especially among the German exhibitors, who are still the leaders on the technological plane."

Katja Mader, Marketing Director, Haas Automation Europe, Oxnard, California, USA:

"We came to EMO with high expectations. The market is picking up; our sales have increased by 62 percent worldwide, and demand continues strong. For us as an American company, EMO is a key trade fair, a real highlight. We see people from every nation at our stand - lots of German visitors, but also delegations from Russia, India and other countries. All the machines on display at our stand have already been sold, and will be shipped to our customers immediately after the show."

Markus Kurringer, Head of Marketing, Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Nürtingen, Germany:

"EMO is the global flagship tradeshow as far as we are concerned, and the timing of this year's event could not be better in terms of sending the right signals to industry. We see this fair as an excellent vehicle for showing people what we can do. Customers and potential customers are clearly getting the message, and this year they seem to be particularly focused in their requests for further information. They have come to this event with certain expectations and are ready to spend money - both during and after the event, which leaves us in a very positive frame of mind."

Madeleine Labeauvie, Marketing & Communication, Huron Graffenstaden S.A.S., Illkirch, France:

"A tradeshow like EMO is simply the best way for a business to present its entire product portfolio. The unique feature of this event is that we can exhibit machine tools here on a scale that would be difficult to duplicate anywhere else. And the highly international audience at EMO is a perfect match for the international profile of our group. We have had visitors from many different countries, including China, India, Russia and Israel."

Hermes Alberto Lago Filho, Director Sales & Marketing Machines, Indústrias Romi SA, Saõ Paulo, Brazil:

"Romi is currently expanding its business in the international market, which includes attending some international trade fairs. We are about to take an important new step, because in January 2012 we will open a direct sales outlet in Germany. EMO is the most important trade fair in the world as far as we are concerned. We come here to present our innovations and to meet our European dealers. The business discussions at our stand have been of high quality, with trade visitors not just from Europe, but from around the world. The fair has come at the right time for us, with positive things happening in the marketplace."

Peter Lütjens, Sales Director, Körber Schleifring GmbH, Hamburg, Germany:

"We are very satisfied, that following a record fair in 2007 - one which we thought we couldn't top - we have done even better this time. We have once again surpassed the sales record we recorded here in 2007. We have sold almost 100 machines. That is a lot for us, because each machine is a capital investment and costs between 150,000 and one million euros."

Martin Winterstein, Global Chief Marketing Officer, MAG Europe GmbH, Göppingen, Germany:

"As a major group of companies, we are increasingly focusing on providing a varied range of services. EMO provides a unique opportunity for us to communicate what we have to offer. It is the best place to reach the sort of international mix we are looking for. Our goals are to consolidate our customer relationships, not least to sign up some firm orders. The first two days have already exceeded our expectations, with some customers making their own decisions at the stand without any need for encouragement. People seem to be ready to spend money."

Ettore Batisti, President and CEO, Pama Spa, Rovereto, Italy:

"EMO is the industry's primary exhibition. Our company has been exhibiting at EMO since it was first established, because we use it as a unique forum to unveil our new machines in the marketplace. This represents an opportunity to build on existing relationships and meet potential new customers. The mood in the industry seems to be very positive right now, which is reflected in the sentiment here at EMO. We are experiencing a high level of interest among visitors."

Martin Folini, CEO, K.R. Pfiffner AG, Thalwil, Switzerland:

"EMO is our sector's global showcase. If it's happening in the world of machine tools, you'll find it here at EMO. Any business that isn't represented here is going to miss out on some key stimuli. We consider this trade fair a milestone for which we channel our products and solutions. There is an international audience here, and EMO needs to continue its commitment to being the leading trade fair in its sector."

Hans Feil, Sales, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Aalen-Wasseralfingen, Germany:

"We were very surprised by the many requests and the internationality of the visitors here. Our expectations have been exceeded by far. We do not really see a current or upcoming crisis in our sector."

Michael Hauser, CEO, Tornos SA, Moutier, Switzerland, CECIMO President:

"EMO is a springboard for machine tool businesses to boost their orders and to expand their outreach to international markets. EMO 2011 took place at a time when European machine tool industry came back on the upward path of growth after having a very tough time during the global economic meltdown. Hundreds of companies filling up the halls at EMO 2011, in Hannover, conveyed a very clear message: "we are in good shape and we came to EMO, world's most important fair for metalworking and the place to be, to further fuel our growing business."

Klaus Löffler, Director International Sales, Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH, Ditzingen, Germany:

"For us there were many surpises. Instead of complete machines we displayed components and examples of how to manufacture products efficiently. It was a big surprise for all of our existing customers. We made more than 40 percent new contacts, and that more than fulfilled our expectations."

Alex Te Baerts, Area Sales Manager, Unisign, Panningen, The Netherlands:

"EMO offers a unique opportunity to present our high-tech solutions in just a short amount of time. As a fast-growing company, we are looking to highlight our market profile - and at EMO we can do just that. We have already had some excellent feedback, because our highly unconventional presentation seems to have gone down really well. We tailor our machines to the customer's requirements, and are generally very customer-focused - so the opportunity for personal contact at tradeshows like EMO is key for us."

Dieter Schatzl, Marketing Manager, WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Linz/Austria:

"The economic situation is excellent, and we came to EMO with high expectations. Those expectations were fully met by the first day of the show, and we have had excellent visitor traffic at our stand, including many of our customers. Around 50 percent of our visitors have been from Germany, with the other 50 percent from many different countries. EMO is one of the key tradeshows for us worldwide."

Anne Hirtzlin, Manager Sales and Marketing Administration, Willemin-Macodel, Delémont/Switzerland:

"EMO is a very important tradeshow, and a chance for us to make contact with customers and machine builders. We use this opportunity to present our products and forge new business relationships. We are delighted with our visitor leads this year."



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