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Price Exhibition Space

Rent of Stands


Rent of Stands

The basic rent per m2 stand space is EUR 311.00 (in twostorey constructions also for the occupied upper-floor area) plus statutory value added tax. Fractions of a m2 will be invoiced as one m2. All stands must measure at least 20 m2. Pillars on stands will be deducted from the stand rental if the total area of all pillars in the stand space exceeds 1 m2.

For stands up to and including 50 m2, the rent will be subject to the following increases:

  • 20% for 2 open sides,
  • 30% for 3 open sides,
  • 50% for 4 open sides.

For larger stands this percentage increase will be applied only to the first 50 m2; between 51 m2 and 100 m2 the increase will be half the above percentages; over 100 m2 a standard additional charge of 10% will be made.

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