EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    Lubrication, cooling


    Precision tools | 19 Sep. 2017

    Something in the air

    It all comes down to the mix - at EMO Hannover 2017, Italian company S.C.M. is showing how a blend of 99 percent air and 1 percent cutting... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 18 Sep. 2017

    New one-channel system optimizes lubricant distribution

    The minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) technology from Bielomatik promises reduced energy consumption, less water consumption and less... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 18 Sep. 2017

    Reducing energy and lubricant consumption with MQL

    The minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) from Bielomatik is claimed to enable the efficient precision grinding of machine components.... more


    Automated Process Chains | 01 Sep. 2017

    Metering dividers for the volumetric distribution of oils and grease

    The nano-Progressive (nP) dividers from Dropsa have been developed for oil and grease lubrication applications that require small and... more


    Cutting machine tools | 01 Sep. 2017

    Small pump for lubricants with multiple outlets

    According to the German company Dropsa Schmiertechnik, Omega is the ideal multi-outlet electric grease pump. The new development is mainly... more


    Water-miscible cooling lubricants for lo | 31 Aug. 2017

    Water-miscible cooling lubricants for longer durability

    Greater efficiency in the machining of modern materials is the promise held out by Zeller+Gmelin. The company is presenting high-performance... more


    Manufacturing and process automation | 18 Jul. 2017

    Sensors make lubrication systems fit for industry 4.0

    MWM has developed sensors that focus on lubricant control. Whether oil mist or spray injection - safe lubrication reduces maintenance costs... more

    TPI 2017

    Other machines | 06 Jul. 2017

    Intelligent handling of process media

    Higher machine output often entails a more frequent exchange of cooling lubricants. In view of the additional costs involved, a reprocessing... more


    Accessories | 06 Jul. 2017

    Efficient process cooling

    The new generation of coolers and air heat exchangers from Hyfra is more efficient, quieter and more economical. more

    TPI 2017

    Predictive Maintenance | 05 Jul. 2017

    Coolant analyzer and automatic dosing system

    The analysis of coolant lubricants and automatic filling of machine tanks is one less worry for operators and saves costs in process... more


    Industry 4.0 | 05 Jul. 2017

    Centralized system for cleaning coolant and lubricants

    The central facilities from Belki ensure that no time is wasted time for daily liquid controls and machine fill-ups. more


    Industry 4.0 | 05 Jul. 2017

    Magnetic fine filtration for process fluids

    The Belki magnetic filters create a magnetic field that ensures the filtration of very fine particles down to less than 10 micrometers. more


    Industry 4.0 | 05 Jul. 2017

    On-site or remote process management for fluids

    The BCS Basic system enables the continuous monitoring, adjusting and recording of fluid properties on-site or remotely. more


    Accessories | 03 Jul. 2017

    Energy-efficient and reliable magnetic separator conveyors

    The coolant cleaning installations have been constantly improved by Bär + Co. for over fifteen years and operate with great energy... more


    Accessories | 01 Jul. 2017

    Cost-effective round bed filters for coolant cleaning

    The RBE-HT round bed filters from Bär + Co. significantly increase the service life and quality of the cooling lubricant. more


    Accessories | 01 Jul. 2017

    Coolant cleaning without filter medium consumption

    Cooling lubricant cleaning without filter medium consumption is possible thanks to the TSE suction belt filters from Bär + Co. more


    Accessories | 01 Jul. 2017

    New filter systems with hybrid technology

    Bär + Co. are presenting new round bed filters and suction belt filters with hybrid technology. more


    Automated Process Chains | 28 Jun. 2017

    Compact chillers for restricted spaces

    Deltatherm is presenting its new extremely compact chiller series 5. On a base area covering only 0.36 m2, the chillers reportedly achieve a... more


    Predictive Maintenance | 21 Jun. 2017

    Thermal disinfection of coolants

    The ph-Cleantec low-pressure heat-cleaning technology can now be used both for cleaning the machine tool and for sterilizing the cooling... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 19 Jun. 2017

    From laser cooling to coolant conditioning systems

    Technotrans will be showcasing their laser cooling and cooling lubricant conditioning systems. more