EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    Precision tools


    Trends Cutting Tools | 14 Aug. 2017

    Markedly more performance with new milling cutter

    For its newly developed Fourworx indexable insert milling cutter, Pokolm promises a variety of interesting properties and a completely... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 08 Aug. 2017

    Innovative high-performance reaming system

    The Swiss drilling experts from Urma have developed attractive extensions to their established high-performance Circo-Tec RX reamer. The... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 07 Aug. 2017

    Diamond burnishing tool for surfaces on CNC lathes

    Technical details are still being worked out, the test phase is running. The special properties and the functionality of the new Zeus... more

    TPI 2017

    Trends Cutting Tools | 07 Aug. 2017

    New specialist taps for stainless steels

    In an 18-month development project at Schumacher, the previous geometry for stainless materials has been completely revised. The existing... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 28 Jul. 2017

    Vibration-dampened extensions

    Bilz has expanded the Vidat range of vibration-damping extensions with new versions for shell milling cutters for M12 and M16 with the... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 28 Jul. 2017

    Super-fast drills for machining composite materials

    The PS-type PCD twist drills from Lach Diamant reduce three work cycles to one and save a lot of time as a result. They have been developed... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 28 Jul. 2017

    Precision profile grinding wheel for carbide and ceramics

    The "contour-profiled" metal-bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels from Lach Diamant are said to be characterized by high tool life and... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 27 Jul. 2017

    Reliable internal grooving and recessing

    The precision-cooled Walter monoblock boring bar G1221 P now comes with an optional second coolant hole for flushing the chips in blind... more

    TPI 2017

    Trends Cutting Tools | 27 Jul. 2017

    Indexable inserts for ISO M and ISO S

    The new Walter indexable insert geometries FM5 and RM5 have a so-called jet guiding geometry. Channels introduced into the cutting surface... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 27 Jul. 2017

    High-alloy material expertise

    According to Wexo, the further development of its X-Top range of taps, spiral drills and milling cutters has produced numerous advantages.... more


    Precision tools | 27 Jul. 2017

    Thread forming as an alternative

    In the experience of Wexo, thread forming allows more reliable machining, even of deeper threads. In addition, higher cutting speeds can be... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 27 Jul. 2017

    Taps for corrosion- and acid-resistant steels

    Wexo offers its advanced VA-OX series of taps in future up to a diameter of M36 and as an extended version up to M20. more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 24 Jul. 2017

    New taps with enhanced wear resistance

    Production using the powder metallurgical process and the additive coating with titanium nitride lead to increased wear resistance in the... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 24 Jul. 2017

    Cheap repairs instead of expensive exchanges

    Völkel offers the V-Coil VC80 system kit for repairing damaged threads and for thread reinforcement. more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 24 Jul. 2017

    Machine taps in very small sizes

    Völkel now offers its machine thread drills in the very small sizes M1 to M1.8. more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 24 Jul. 2017

    Fast and easy checking

    An extensive range of thread plug gauges and thread ring gauges is now supplementing the thread cutting tools available from Völkel. more


    Trends Clamping Technology | 20 Jul. 2017

    Centering vise for blanks

    The compact design of the vb Centro 76 centering vise provides excellent accessibility, especially for five-sided machining. more


    Trends Clamping Technology | 20 Jul. 2017

    Pneumatic zero-point clamping system

    The new airline cylinder from Vischer and Bolli combines the advantages of the familiar hydraulic Docklock cylinder with the simple handling... more


    Precision tools | 19 Jul. 2017

    Dressing tools for productive processes

    Continuous grinding of gears is one of the most productive methods for producing highly precise tooth flank geometries. The German company... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 13 Jul. 2017

    Swiss-type machining tools for high-precision production

    Carmex Precision Tools have expanded their range of tools for Swiss-type lathes. The new developments are intended to increase the service... more