EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    Measuring technology, Quality assurance


    Predictive Maintenance | 20 Sep. 2017

    Sensor system for driven tools

    With the new sensor system Heimatec.Cybercon 4, different tool parameters can be measured and forwarded to a monitoring station. The... more


    Predictive Maintenance | 18 Sep. 2017

    Resilient displacement sensors for machining and automation

    The new displacement sensors from Elastisense are based on the innovative Electro-Active Polymer (EAP) technology. This is said to make them... more


    Industrial electronics | 15 Sep. 2017

    Precision par excellence!

    Magnescale is at EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase its Smartscale SQ47/SQ57 length measurement system with Drive-Cliq interface from Siemens.... more


    Metrology and quality control | 06 Sep. 2017

    Visual inspection system for parts assembly

    Screen has developed the IM-4100 visual inspection system to identify defects and errors on assembled parts. Thanks to the self-developed... more


    Metrology and quality control | 06 Sep. 2017

    Automatic visual inspection system for cold forgings

    Screen announces an automated visual inspection system for cold-forged rotation parts with its IM-5100 solution. The new development on show... more


    Metrology and quality control | 06 Sep. 2017

    Automatic inspection system for forged parts

    With the IM-3100, Screen has developed a high-performance automated visual inspection tool that accurately detects micro-defects in forged... more


    Metrology and quality control | 01 Sep. 2017

    Boring heads with electronic digital readout

    Pumori Corporation will be showcasing high-quality precision boring systems with digital indication. As the Russian company reports, the... more


    Metrology, quality control | 01 Sep. 2017

    Converting a conventional boring head to a digital one

    With Pyramid, Pumori Corporation will be introducing a universal, multi-functional device that it has patented. As the manufacturers claim,... more


    Metrology and quality control | 23 Aug. 2017

    Quickly into the middle

    With the help of the new coaxial indicator from Tschorn, the spindle is precisely positioned at the center of the element. more


    Metrology and quality control | 23 Aug. 2017

    Edge finder automatically finds the workpiece zero point

    The Tschorn 4.0 edge finder enables machines to process the incoming probing signals directly in their control system. more


    Industry 4.0 | 23 Aug. 2017

    3D measurement sensors as a key to manufacturing small batches

    Alicona will be showcasing its new Cobot system at EMO Hannover 2017 and is once again combining collaborative robots with high-resolution... more


    Metrology and quality control | 17 Aug. 2017

    Measurement during the process

    In order to increase workpiece precision and process reliability, the workpieces can be measured directly in the Imoberdorf rotary transfer... more

    TPI 2017

    Highlight among the TPI | 17 Aug. 2017

    Measuring system for producing high-precision workpieces

    At EMO Hannover 2017, Heidenhain will be presenting a new combination of length gauge, touch probe with new interface technology and camera... more


    Metrology and quality control | 16 Aug. 2017

    Powerful spindle "plug and play" installed

    When machining hard materials such as titanium or stainless steel, the spindles of the Meyrat High Torque (MHT) pallet are designed to... more


    Metrology and quality control | 16 Aug. 2017

    Compact high-frequency spindle

    To meet the requirements of compact machine tools, Meyrat presents a new high-frequency spindle, billed as the shortest on the market. more


    Metrology and quality control | 16 Aug. 2017

    High-tech spindles with synchronous motor technology

    In the field of grinding, the dressing of the grinding wheels is usually carried out with a fixed tool or a dressing spindle, as Meyrat... more


    Metrology and quality control | 16 Aug. 2017

    Presetting and measuring machine fit for the digital future

    According to Zoller, the new Venturion premium presetting and measuring machine fulfils all the demands of a digital, networked... more


    Measuring technology, Quality assurance | 16 Aug. 2017

    Premiere for new presetting and measuring machines

    The newly designed Smile presetting and measuring machines and the new entry-level solution Smile Compact are described by Zoller as very... more

    Balluff Eayss Tool ID

    Industrial electronics | 14 Aug. 2017

    Nice and easy

    Sensor specialist Balluff is at EMO to showcase numerous innovations, including Easy Tool-ID, a technology that uses industrial RFID for... more


    Metrology and quality control | 01 Aug. 2017

    Compact test device for installation in control cabinets

    The new Rollscan 320 is used for the non-destructive quality control of surface defects. Through coupling, the parallel operation of several... more