EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September

    EMO Hannover 2019, 16 - 21 September



    Work Safety | 13 Jul. 2017

    Dynamic roof covers on top

    The newly developed bellow roof covers from Dynatect feature the optional Quick-Connect function with which the protection segments can also... more


    Accessories | 13 Jul. 2017

    Drag chains quickly installed

    Brevetti Stendalto has developed a solution to install drag or cable chains in the shortest possible time. more


    Accessories | 13 Jul. 2017

    Simple power supply

    With their online Configurator for energy management chains, Brevetti Stendalto provides a tool that allows users to design and construct... more


    Lightweight Construction | 07 Jul. 2017

    Sustainably and efficiently protected

    Arno Arnold is working to align production with the principles of sustainability. As the company informs, this ranges in their development... more


    Predictive Maintenance | 07 Jul. 2017

    Forward-looking bellows

    Predictive maintenance is an important issue for the future, according to the experts for machine protection covers at Arno Arnold. At EMO... more


    Automated Process Chains | 07 Jul. 2017

    Torque motor improves machine performance

    The newly developed torque motor TMB+ from Etel is designed to allow greater access to direct drive technology. Operating costs are... more


    Predictive Maintenance | 05 Jul. 2017

    Bearing support for individual motor configurations

    The new bearing support from Schmalenberger is designed to open up new perspectives for designers and users in the use of pumps and motors. more

    TPI 2017

    Energy Efficiency | 05 Jul. 2017

    Self-priming centrifugal pumps with enhanced efficiency

    Schmalenberger has reworked the first three of its seven SM pump sizes and achieved significant improvements in efficiency and noise levels. more


    Predictive Maintenance | 05 Jul. 2017

    Multi-stage self-priming centrifugal pump

    The further development of the KSP pump series is particularly suitable for feeding filter systems and conveying coolant lubricants within... more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 05 Jul. 2017

    Centrifugal pump with integrated chip cutter

    The simultaneous suction, comminution and the joint transport of KSS and chips is intended to minimize space requirements, while at the same... more


    Automated Process Chains | 05 Jul. 2017

    Back spot-facing without changing rotational direction

    With the Autofacer from Hermann Bilz, flywheels actuate the cutting edge at a fixed speed. more


    Trends Clamping Technology | 05 Jul. 2017

    Zero point to module system compatibility

    With the flexible clamping systems from Kipp, the workpiece can be either directly clamped using the five-axis module system or directly... more


    Automated Process Chains | 05 Jul. 2017

    Backlash-free, reliable servo couplers

    An intelligent modular system from Mayr provides a wide range of high-quality servo couplings, including high-speed versions with speeds... more


    Predictive Maintenance | 05 Jul. 2017

    Safety brakes fit for Industry 4.0

    Brake Technology 4.0 is the term used by Mayr for a technologically pioneering friction system and new-generation monitoring modules. more


    Trends Cutting Tools | 05 Jul. 2017

    Minimum quantity lubrication for advanced drilling units

    At the suggestion of the aviation industry, Bielomatik has developed a portable device for eco-friendly minimum quantity lubrication. It is... more


    Quality Assurance | 05 Jul. 2017

    Wireless communication and order-picking

    In the area of digital order-picking and sorting systems, Pick To Light Systems develops wireless modules and smartcards to ensure logistics... more


    Automated Process Chains | 26 Jun. 2017

    Tool changer especially for horizontal installation

    The Miksch HTC-145 tool changer can be positioned next to or opposite a spindle. more


    Automated Process Chains | 26 Jun. 2017

    Versatile tool changer

    The three sizes and the universal mounting positions reportedly make the MTC tool changer from Miksch a genuine all-rounder. more


    Automated Process Chains | 26 Jun. 2017

    Productivity from the chain

    With the MCM140, Miksch has developed a chain magazine that can pick up a high number of tools in a small space. more


    Trends Clamping Technology | 26 Jun. 2017

    Positioning and clamping in one operation

    The Automatic Positioning System (APS) is described by OML as a universal connection between the machine tool, the clamping device and/or... more