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EMO Hannover 2013 presents "Intelligence in Production"

In a globalized economy, "Intelligence in Production" offers the opportunity to meet relevant customer requirements at the most varied production locations. These intelligent solutions were on show at EMO Hannover, the world’s most important international platform for manufacturing technology.


All users of manufacturing technology are facing massive challenges around the globe. In the face of enormous pressure on costs, as well as exceptionally tough requirements with regard to efficiency and environmental impact, production operations must continue to pursue maximum cost effectiveness. Production experts from all over the world are seeking answers to these challenges. EMO exhibitors who help their customers flourish on the global market can score heavily. “Intelligence in Production” is the key.

Partner on the global market

Global machine tool use has more than doubled over the past 20 years. Most machine tool manufacturers and their customers have long since begun operating globally. More than half of the world’s machine tool production is exported. Roundabout a fifth of necessary machines comes from Europe, delivered to more than 90 countries.

This creates huge opportunities and much potential for suppliers of manufacturing technology that can meet regional specificities and desires. Products, services, customer support and agents for various markets must also be available and organized intelligently. The challenge is to harness technical skills, comprehensive technology expertise and superlative process expertise to meet customers’ wishes worldwide, generally accompanied by severe cost and competitive pressures for the supplier company.

"Customers want skilled partners on the global market," so the German Machine Tool Builders' Association VDW, organizers of the fair. This means offering the right technical capabilities along with global presence and accessibility, dependable worldwide customer support and a comprehensive range of services, all the way through to local production. At EMO Hannover 2013, more than 2,100 firms from all over the world demonstrated how they can partner with their customers on the global market.

Innovation for production facilities worldwide

Efficiency, quality, flexibility and availability are the foundations for success for users of machine tools, irrespective of where they locate their production operations. Tiny cost advantages are often crucial in determining whether an order will be placed or not – and these are achieved by means of intelligent production technology.

Improving machine concepts, control technology, software, tools and processes are always the core concerns. Continuous innovation in every area develops the functionality of intelligent production systems.

Today’s customer requirements, such as changing batch volumes, innumerable product variants and sustainable production demands are additional innovation drivers. Solving these complex tasks also increases demands on communication. Making vast and complex sets of data simultaneously available to all business areas, from development and construction to production planning and order management, requires the unhampered flow of data. Efficient modern companies therefore employ integrated overall communication systems using appropriate planning, control and testing software. Modern production systems also need to be continuously improved, as part of the company’s entire IT universe.

"Intelligence in Production" ensures that intelligent machines communicate autonomously with their supervisory management and control systems, known as Industry 4.0.

Exhibitors at EMO Hannover 2013, the world's largest metalworking innovation forum, demonstrated how all this can take place smoothly, and what global innovations are on offer for intelligent manufacturing in these areas.

Intelligent support for machine operators

However, standing out in the market with advanced technology is not enough for manufacturing technology providers. They must also contend with extremely varied customer needs. Requirements for machine operators are generally becoming more extensive and more complex. Quality assurance, documentation, machine monitoring and maintenance and ensuring energy efficient operations are just a few of the issues in play.

“Intelligence in Production” helps machine operators to reliably fulfill every task. The tools used include multi-media elements in the control system, web-based diagnostic systems, remote servicing, innovative hotline concepts, and more. Tailored training also supports the necessary skills for customers over the long term.

Adapting these intelligent assistance functions to machine operators in each market, alone or in conjunction with local vendors, is also itself a valuable and unique selling point for a vendor. EMO Hannover 2013 will demonstrate who is able to offer such service.



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